A Commitment to Community, Teamwork, Sportsmanship, and Love of the Game.

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When does the season begin?

Rec practices start in early November. Games begin on the 2nd Saturday of November.


Whats the schedule like?

Rec players will have 1 weeknight practice and 1 game on Saturdays. No games or practices are held over Christmas break or February vacation.


What ball size is appropriate?

                Girls                       Boys

3/4         Size 5                     Size 5

5/6         Size 6                     Size 6

7/8         Size 6                     Size 7

HS          Size 6                     Size 7


Size 5 is 27 inches

Size 6 is 28.5 inches

Size 7 is 29.5 inches


Where are the games?

All games are played in either Groton (Middle School or Lawrence Academy) or Dunstable (Swallow Union).


Playing time.

Playing time should generally be distributed equally. Occationally playing time may be off a bit during a game, but over the course of a season it should even out.



Playoffs are scheduled for grades 5/6 and up. For the 3/4 division, a decision is made on a year by year basis, based on feedback from the coaches and coordinators.



Requests must be made in writing, before October 15th.