A Commitment to Community, Teamwork, Sportsmanship, and Love of the Game.

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The Groton Dunstable Travel teams compete in the Central Mass Youth Basketball League (CMYBL). The League is an all-volunteer program and is administered by Josh Hammer (Div 1 and Div 1A) Daryl Rupp (Div 2). Each town organizes and schedules it's own program. The GDYBL Travel Board administers Groton Dunstable's participation in the CMYBL.

The league is divided into two divisions, as follows:

Division 2
  South Lancaster

The URL for the CMYBL Division II website is:http://ncmybl.com

Division 1 and Division 1A

The URL for the CMYBL Division I  and Division IA website is: https://goo.gl/2txF2r