A Commitment to Community, Teamwork, Sportsmanship, and Love of the Game.

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Gym Rules

 1. To protect the gym floors, players and Coaches are prohibited from wearing their "outdoor" shoes on the courts. Players and Coaches must carry in their "basketball" sneakers and change into them before entering the gym. Please dry mop in between games/practices. It will help with the wear on the floors.

2. It is the responsibility of the Coach to monitor the activity and whereabouts of his/her players, parents, siblings, etc. NO ONE is allowed in any other part of the facility other than the gym that we are assigned to use; i.e., classrooms, the library, hockey rinks, running track, etc. Custodians have the right to speak to children who are misbehaving.

3. All posted rules must be obeyed (including but not limited to, rules with regard to parking, quiet areas, no play, etc.) NO FOOD OR DRINK IN ANY GYM. Balls are only bounced in the gym.

4. Coaches should plan their practices to ensure that they are out of the gym no later than 9 p.m. In the past, we have received complaints from custodians that teams have extended their practice time beyond 9 p.m., which delays the custodians from completing their cleanup tasks and closing up the school.

5. Guidelines for weather-related practice cancellations are as follows:

  • No School (weather or holiday related) - No Practices that evening. No Exceptions.
  • If there is an early dismissal, non weather-related, practices will continue to be held that evening.
  • If there is an early dismissal, weather-related, No Practices that evening. Regardless of the severity of the weather, NO PRACTICES.

6. In the event that a team loses its practice time, the Coach(es) should work with their division coordinator to arrange another evening to make up the practice (if possible). This may require other teams from the same division to reduce or share their practice space, but it will permit all teams to get at least 1 practice in per week even if it is an abbreviated one.

7. There are NO exceptions/changes to the game schedules. All games MUST be played at their assigned time. The game schedule requires coordination of facilities, custodians, referees, scorekeepers, parents and players and once established cannot be altered. It is highly unlikely that the Saturday schedule will be canceled due to weather. Coaches, players and parents should assume games are on unless they hear otherwise from their division coordinators. Please check the web site for game cancellations: www.gdybl.org

8. The start time for each game MUST be adhered to in order to ensure that we are able to clear the gym space on time. Coaches MUST be prepared to start on time (especially the 8 a.m. games). In order to meet the schedule, the following actions may be necessary:

  • If games are running longer than expected, the warm-up period between games should be reduced or eliminated.
  • Half time should be reduced or eliminated.
  • If all else fails, it may be necessary to reduce the length of the game from 16-minute halves to something else; i.e., 14-minute or 12-minute halves.
Opposing coaches should work with each other and the referees to determine the appropriate actions.