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3-on-3 Hoops on Fire



The following abbreviated list of rules is intended to give teams a general idea of how the game are played, and to highlight some rules that are different or a point of emphasis. We encourage teams to look at the complete set of rules “2018 Hoops on Fire Bylaws” ,which also list rules for team members. 


  • All games will be to 21 points, win by two points, or 25 minutes – WHICHEVER COMES FIRST.  At the end of the 25-minute time period, the team that is ahead (even if by one point) is declared the winner. For tie games, sudden death overtime rules apply (see bylaws).
  • To start the game there will be a coin toss to determine who gets the ball first.
  • The ball will change possession after all made baskets, no “make it, take it.
  • The ball must be taken out/back above the 20-ft arch line on every change of possession. After a stoppage of play (made basket, out of bounds …) the ball must be checked by the opposing team and the offense must make one pass to initiate play. Defenders must stay within the 3 point arc until the first pass is made by the offense. For continuous play (defensive steals, rebounds) the ball does not need to be checked and can be taken back anywhere beyond the 3 point arc.  Both feet must be beyond the 3 point arc.
  • Shots inside the 20-ft arch count as 1 point; outside the arc count as 2 pts.
  • Three second violations will be enforced- “no camping out”.
  • Substitutions can only be made when there is a stoppage of play.
  • If the player is fouled in the act of shooting and the basket is not made, the player will be awarded either 1 foul shot or 2 foul shots (fouled beyond the arc). Beginning on the 7th team foul, the teams will shoot either 1 or 2 foul shots for all fouls (when a basket is not made); the ball is live off the release of the player shooting the foul shots with the exception of the shooter, who must wait for the ball to hit the rim.  On the 10th foul the shooting team retains possession after the foul shot whether made or not, the ball is not live.
  • There are no foul shots awarded when the basket is made (keeps the games moving). The foul does go against the total for the team. 
  • Time is running throughout the game including fouls shots, time outs, out of bounds. For this reason players must move quickly to shoot free throws (5 sec), initiate play after a stoppage, etc...
  • Stalling goes against the fun principles of the 3-on-3 tournament.  Failure to attempt a shot in 30-seconds will result in loss of possession. 
  • Each team is allowed two 45-second timeouts. NO TIMEOUTS will be allowed in the LAST 3 MINUTES of the game.
  • Offensive language or arguing with a referee will not be tolerated.  The first minor offense will result in a warning from the referee requiring the warned player to sit out 2 minutes, a second offense will result in a technical foul, and any subsequent offenses will result in ejection.  Major offenses or unsportsmanlike, rude or unruly behavior will result in immediate ejection.
  • Referees and scorekeepers are our friends. Our staff has worked extremely hard to make this an enjoyable day for all involved. 
  • Please have fun and best of luck in your games.