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Groton Dunstable Youth Basketball League
2012 - 2013 Season Game Schedule
Division:  Boys 7th/8th Grade
Home team is first team listed and wears white
Please arrive early…Games will start on time
Note that this is a WATER ONLY facility; PARENTS - No Coffee Please
Home Court:  GD Middle School NORTH
Start Times => 8:00 AM 9:20 AM 10:40 AM 12:00 PM
11/10/12 T5 v T6 T7 v T8 T1 v T2 T3 v T4
11/17/12 T6 v T8 T5 v T7 T3 v T1 T2 v T4
12/1/12 T2 v T6 T7 v T3 T8 v T1 T4 v T5
12/8/12 T4 v T8 T6 v T3 T5 v T1 T2 v T7
12/15/12 T8 v T3 T2 v T5 T4 v T6 T7 v T1
1/5/13 T4 v T1 T8 v T5 T3 v T2 T7 v T6
1/12/13 T8 v T2 T6 v T1 T4 v T7 T3 v T5
1/19/13 T3 v T4 T1 v T2 T5 v T6 T7 v T8
1/26/13 T2 v T4 T5 v T7 T6 v T8 T3 v T1
PLAYOFFS 2/1/13 Preliminary Playoffs - Friday night  
2/2/13 Playoffs Round 1    
2/8/13 Playoffs Round 2 - Friday night  
2/9/13 Championship Games  
Division B7/8      
Coordinator Karen Majkut      
Team Coaches Practices
1 Curran Huff Mon 7:30-8:55 MSN
2 Andy Connerty Mon 7:30-8:55 MSN
3 Diane Dawson Tues 7:30-8:55 SU
4 Bill Estes Thurs 6:00-7:25 MSN
5 John Joyce Fri 6:00-7:25 MSN
6 Brian Poitras Mon 6:00-7:25 MSN
7 Andreas Tornaritis Tues 7:30-8:55 SU
8 Karen Scammell Thurs 6:00-7:25 MSN