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Groton Dunstable Travel Basketball


·         The Groton Dunstable (GD) Travel program is a developmental, yet competitive basketball option for players in grades 4-8 who reside in Groton or Dunstable.

·         The GD program is a member of the Central Massachusetts Youth Basketball League (CMYBL) which has games that run from December through mid-March, and the opportunity may exist to participate in additional weekend tournaments.


Tryouts & Roster Construction

·         Players will be asked to try out over the course of two nights (mid-October). Tryouts are closed to the public, and candidates are strongly encouraged to attend both nights to allow for proper evaluation of the players.

·         Roster size is variable, and is at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Teams may not be offered at every grade level, and are dependent on registration and coaching volunteers.

·         Players will align with their respective grade level, unless extraordinary circumstances dictate otherwise.

·         Candidates will be evaluated not just on the basis of skill, but with a heavy emphasis on team play, coachability, attitude, basketball IQ, and willingness to improve.

·         Coaches and the Executive Committee will have final say on roster construction.

·         Candidates who do not make a travel team will be provided a feedback form completed by the Committee.  The form is intended to offer suggestions for helping the player further develop their basketball abilities.  We encourage all candidates to work on developing their skills, participate in the Recreation program, and to return next year.



·         Parents and players will be required to read, understand, and sign a Parent/Player Code of Conduct form prior to the start of the season.  The Code of Conduct outlines the Travel Board’s expectation of all parents and team members.  If your child makes one of the travel teams, all parents/guardians and the player must sign this form or your child will not be allowed to participate. 

·         All coaches will be required to read, understand and sign a Coaches Code of Conduct.

·         All players, coaches, and parents who are a part of the GD Travel program are representing the towns of Groton and Dunstable and will do so in a respectful manner. The Executive Committee reserves the right to remove any player, coach, or family member who fails to adhere to the standards outlined in the Code of Conduct.

·         All GD travel teams practice one weeknight per week, one Saturday afternoon practice per week, with CMYBL games scheduled for Sunday afternoons.

·         Attendance at all practices and games is mandatory for all players. While extenuating circumstances may arise, players making a commitment to the team must make every effort to attend all team events.

·         Players can participate in both the GDYBL recreation league and the GD travel program. This is the personal decision of each family. 

·         Playing time is not necessarily equal for players on the travel teams.  The CMYBL sets minimum minutes requirements based on grade, and all GD coaches are required to adhere to those requirements.

·         Parents are expected to help with running the clock, collecting entry fees, and keeping the scorebook at games.



·         There is a fee of $200.00 to participate in the travel program.  This is in addition to fees for the recreation league.  This fee must be paid by the start of the first practice.  Players who have not paid the participation fee will not be allowed to practice until the fee is paid.  Scholarships are available for families in need.  Please inquire by sending an email to 

·         The CMYBL allows for collection of entry fees up to $3.00 for adults ($1.00 for children) per game for all league games and playoffs.  Parents and family members are expected to pay this fee at both home and away games.  The player registration fee does not cover the costs of running the program and this fee helps offset the cost of using the gyms.

·         There is an additional cost for uniforms and any additional tournaments that are not part of the standard CMYBL schedule and playoffs.

For clarification or questions, please email